Phones and Business, How to Get More Instagram Likes

Mobile-app Instagram gives businesses a great way of marketing their company and their products for absolutely free and it is a vital tool in staying relevant and driving more sales to the business. The critical success factors to Instagram are amassing followers on your profile and amusing likes on your content and if you are not getting enough likes, it is an indication that people perhaps aren’t really ‘digging’ your products or your business. If you want to get more Instagram likes when you upload content, here are some steps which you need to take in order to try and improve this.

Investing in Them

Likes will grow exponentially on your profile and so it makes sense to do all that you can to get some likes to kick things off. A great way in which businesses can do this is to buy automatic Instagram likes, a service which you can pay for online that give you a certain amount of instant likes on to your content. Doing this will encourage others to like your content as well and you can be sure that each piece of content which you upload gains plenty of attention.

The Content

The content which you upload should be of high quality and it should also be something which the viewer is going to enjoy, after all, you want them to actually like the content. Here are a few tips which you can employ when it comes to uploading your content.

Light and Bright

Posts which are bright in color and light are much friendlier on the eye and you should use the background of your product photo to really set the image off.

Simple and Obvious

Posting obscure close-ups and strange angles will not give you the likes that you are looking for an your content needs to be clear and basic if you are looking for more likes.


What value are you offering your followers with your post? If it is a product then ask yourself why would your followers like it, you should be showing them how the product will improve their lives with shots of it being used, do this and you can count on many more likes.

Stick to Your Schtick

The niche which your business falls within is exactly where you need to remain when it comes to uploading content to Instagram. This is not to say that you have to upload product shots and business images at all times, and it should be encouraged that you step outside of this once in a while. Even when your Instagram profile switches off from business mode however, you still need to remain within your industry with your content, do this and you can be sure of a more loyal and ‘ready-to-like community.

You cannot guarantee more likes but if you employ these steps then you can greatly improve your chances.

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