How to Lock and Unlock your computer using USB Drive

With Predator, you can move your USB Drive toward a “key” that opens your PC when connected to, and bolts it when it’s expelled.

On the off chance that you counteract access to your PC with only a secret key, you are passing up a major opportunity for an other (and more secure) approach to secure your PC.

Predator, a free Windows program, moves your USB drive toward a key that bolts your PC when it’s expelled. To open your PC, you’ll need to connect the USB drive back to. (Discuss having mystery specialist style security.)

Any individual who endeavors to get to your PC without the USB streak drive will be hit with an epic “Access Denied” message. To begin, tail this aide:

Step 1: Download and introduce Predator.

Step 2: Once Predator dispatches, plug in your USB streak drive. None of the substance of the drive will be erased or modified in any capacity, so don’t hesitate to utilize your essential thumbdrive.



When you embed the drive, an exchange box will show up requesting that you make a secret word. Click OK to proceed.

Step 3: In the Preferences window, observe a couple key settings. To start with, enter a safe, one of a kind watchword in the “New password” field. In the event that you lose your USB drive, you’ll use it to open your PC.

In the event that you’d like, you can check the Always Required box and you’ll be requested that enter the watchword every time you utilize your thumbdrive to open your PC.

At last, in the segment under Flash Drives, guarantee that the right USB streak drive is chosen. When you’re set, click “Make key” and afterward OK.

Step 4: Predator will exit. If it clicks, the Predator symbol in the taskbar to restart the system. A few moments later, the symbol will turn green, cautioning you that Predator is running.

Like clockwork, Predator will verify that your USB drive is connected to. In the event that it isn’t, your PC will diminish and secure.


Here are some additional tips:

  • To stop Predator whenever select “Pause Monitering” from the taskbar menu.
  • If somebody attempted to get to your PC while it was secured, you’ll see the action log when you log back in. You can see the log whenever by clicking “View log” from the taskbar menu.
  • Predator’s Web webpage has a few cool how-tos, including one that demonstrates to you proper methodologies to program your PC to take a preview every time somebody tries and neglects to sign into your PC. Look at it.

One clear blemish accompanies this setup: you’ll generally be down one USB port. In any case, in case you’re sold on Predator, think about buying as a USB center point to adjust.

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