How to download Xender and how to use it

Xender App is really wonderful mobile app that allows file transfer between all types of devices involving PC & Mac. You can also download Xender APK Android file, so please continue reading to find out how to simply download Xender for free. Xender App is one of the best methods to share files between smartphones and it is... more →
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What is rummy?

Rummy, which are also known as straight rummy, standard rummy and traditional rummy? It is one of the most popular rummy card games and it is very easy to learn and easy to play. Rummy is the most accepted family of card games that are played in all over the world. Rummy is the group of matching card games for similar game play based... more →
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Download Zapya App for PC (Windows 7/8/8.1 Mac)

Zapya app for PC is that it is more than improved and the most wonderful part in this app is that it can share file across all OS platforms like Windows Phone, Android, iOS and others. Zapya for pc does not require connecting to any type of WiFi and as well as mobile data. It is quicker than bluetooth between two devices. It has... more →
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How to Find IMEI Number of Any Phone

When you are enlisting your phone, or attempting to offer an old one on the web, you may be requested your IMEI number. In case you’re experiencing a mental blackout and attempting urgently to discover what this number is, don’t stress. The IMEI (International Mobile Station Equipment Identity) is a one of a kind number... more →
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How to Back Up Your Android Smartphone

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If your gadget got crashes suddenly, or more regrettable gets stolen or lost, then you’ll not simply be down the expense of a phone, additionally a tremendous measure of information. To get around that, you have to empower cloud reinforcements for however many things as could be expected under the circumstances, so that signing... more →
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How to run Android apps in Windows

The Android app environment has proved to be adaptable and much developer-friendly, after a bit of slow initiation. Running Android apps generally require an Android smartphone or tablet apparently, but what if you presently use iOS or different mobile OS, and want to try out Android without really getting an Android phone? Well,... more →
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How to Password Protection for Your Pendrive

Pendrives or USB thumb drives are tiny, moveable, and can be interpreted on any kind of device with a USB port. These significant features make them ideal vehicles for sharing data between computers. Because of their portability, they are also simply misplaced. Thus, susceptible files taken on a USB stick should always be kept... more →
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How to Lock and Unlock your computer using USB Drive

With Predator, you can move your USB Drive toward a “key” that opens your PC when connected to, and bolts it when it’s expelled. On the off chance that you counteract access to your PC with only a secret key, you are passing up a major opportunity for an other (and more secure) approach to secure your PC. Predator,... more →
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How to turn your Android device into a laptop

Unified remote
Android phones are fast turning into a need with current and upcoming generations. You utilize it to keep up your online and physical presence with it, in as much as there is a protected Internet connection and you have the privilege application to get you associated. Indeed, with the privilege application, Android phones can be... more →
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